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Re: Multifunction Switch/Sensor

In a message dated 9/2/99 6:51:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, cjr1@gte.net 

<< >I also have an unusual problem with my autocheck light system.
 >About 30 seconds after startup, my coolant temp/level light goes on and
 >stays on for the duration.  I unplugged the multifunction switch from
 >the sender at the top of the head, and it still shines brightly (only
 >now the coolant guage will not work).
 1.  Coolant level is low;
 2.  Coolant level sensor in overflow tank is bad; or,
 3.  Multifunction switch/sensor is bad.
 #3 is most likely, assuming all wiring connections are good.  These switches
 seem to fail regularly.  They go for ~$50.

i just replaced the multifunction sensor in my '86 5kTQ. i had the same prob 
as you, the coolant level warning light was coming on 30 secs after i started 
the car..  i went thru 2 good used overflow tanks before i got smart and 
replaced the multifunction sensor switch.  took less than 5 minits to replace.

'86 5kT, TQ