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The Kessel Run/Finnish Tires

Hey Q-listers:

At last something on the Q-list I'm qualified to comment on...Star Wars.  My
friend, Boba Femme, said that in the book, The Hutt Gambit, there is a detailed
description of the Kessel run.  The gist of it is that the area near the spice
mines of Kessel is frought with black holes.  Black Holes distort the space time
continuum, so when Han does a tricky manuever by running too close to a black
hole to get an Imp ship off his tail, he actually distorts the physical space
and makes the run in a shorter distance, less than 12 parsecs, which is the
normal distance of the run.

If only Q-ships where equipped with the ability to fold space, then they'd
really kick Trans Am keister.

As for no noise in space...Just repeat to yourself, "It's only a movie, I should
really just relax."

Speaking of automotive web sites:  Yeah, that Audi site is pretty weak.  Not bad
for loading time at work because i have a G3 and a really fast LAN, but the
navigation is ridiculous.

For a good site check out:  http://www.nokiantyres.com
It is really nice from a navigational and design standpoint.  Plus I'm drooling
over these Hakka Qs, being in love with all things Finnish.  But I priced a set
in Minneapolis, $510 including installation and balancing.  Yikes.   Ahh well,
there's an excuse for me to go to Finland next fall--Tire shopping.

Finally, don't trust the wheel finder on Tirerack.com.  I plugged in 864kq and I
came up with all five bolt rims.  I'm still not quite sure of the wheel specs
for my car.  Sigh.

86 4kcsQ: The Eurotrash Princess