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Re: 200 QT 20v

Michael  Williams writes:
> My question is when did Audi start making the 20v turbo
> available in the old style body???

For the type 44 platform, the 20V I5 turbo five was only found on the
91 200 quattro.  The only other US model cars a 20V I5 turbo were used
were the 93-95 S4/S6.  The 90-91 Coupe quattro and 90 quattro have a
normally-aspirated 20V I5.

> Now if they
> only made that engine in the Quattro/coupe body ...............

The 20V I5 turbo was used in late urQuattro models, as well as
the S2.  Neither of these are officially imported in the US.  The
urQ was last imported in 1985 but that has the 10V turbo.  The S2
was never imported.  There was also the RS2 which is a limited
production Porsche-built S2 Avant 20V I5 turbo with 315hp.  Again
not sold in the US.

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