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I need a relay with about 10 seconds of delay

I'm installing a low oil pressure warning system in my boat.  
I always drive my 1989 Audi 100 to my boat.
I'm hooking a buzzer and light to an oil pressure light.  
This means the alarm is going to go off as soon as I key the ignition.
That's going to be annoying.  I'd like to put a relay in the circuit
that will cause it to delay closing until the switch is opened by oil
A buddy of mine tells me that these types of switches exist in cars.  One
application might be to delay the start of an AC compressor for a few 
seconds while the car starts.  He couldn't give me enough details to go to 
an auto parts store.  Some of you guys are real gurus.  Could you possibly
provide me with a part number for such a device?

Many Thanks,
David Powell
1989 Audi 100