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Subject: 200 QT 20v

Michael  Williams wrote:
I just saw an Audi yesterday that I didn't know existed. I'm just a
novice at this really but I really loved that car. It was a 91 Tornado
red 200 quattro wagon. I was told by the owner that its a fairly rare
set up. IT LOOKED GREAT!! Anyway I very curious in knowing more about
this engine and its availability. I like the old style 5000/100/200 body
from 84-on. My question is when did Audi start making the 20v turbo
available in the old style body??? Any info is appreciated. Now if they
only made that engine in the Quattro/coupe body ...............
Hi Mike,
In the North American market, the '91 200q20v (USA only) was the first 20v 
turbo.  This car later became the S4, then the S6 (I should say urS4/S6 as 
new audis now use those labels), with some minor changes to the engine, and a 
new body/chassis.
The urquattro stopped being imported to North America after 1985; however, 
production continued in Europe, and the 20vt engine _did_ make it into the 
final version (was that '90/'91 or just '91?).

To identify the '91 200q20v (versus the 10-valve 200 and 100), look for the 
front and rear fender flares (similar to the V8).  There were about 350 
wagons produced for the USA; and about 1200 sedans.
More details on this car at my site:
There's a mailing list just for 200q20v owners, too (see my links page).
http://www.audi-s-cars.com also has more on all 20vt audis...
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com