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Re: Do jammers work?

I'm confused.  Radar calculates speed based on Doppler effect, or the difference between the frequency of the signal sent and the signal received.  Isn't laser a "pulsed" system that senses difference in pulse rate (or time between pulses) sent, versus pulse rate received?


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> Okay, I think I understand that jammers work by "overpowering" (?) the 
> that would that's reflected back to the radar source (gun).  But, how do 
> jam  (jamb?) laser? 
>  Doug
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Same with the laser.  Laser uses the same idea as radar but it uses light 
instead.  So the jammer just sends out more light out and confuse the laser 
by telling the police that you doing 300mph or 15 mph.  The Radar Jammers 
does this too.  It first tell the radar that your doing 30 MPH and then it 
tells him that your doing 250 mph and then back to 0.  So when the police is 
trying to figure out whats going on, would already have cruised by.  Great 
idea, but I dont' endorse it.

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