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4kq & qsw For Sale in MA

	My '87 4kcsq is for sale:  $1,800
	- "Alpina" Edition (white)
	- factory white alloys
	- "Quattro"-printed cloth sport seats (back one was recently
restitched at Audi tech day in NH - thanks Kirby!)
	- around 180K
	- runs excellent, torquey & quick
	- original paint is nice, except a couple of quarter-size surface
spots on one rear quarter and one front door
	- new exhaust system, alternator, plug wires
	- 2nd owner, all maintenance records including original invoice
	I moved to Medford, MA recently, tight neighborhood, no longer can
manage owning 2 cars right now. 

	My "little" brothers '87 qsw is for sale:  $1,800
	- red
	- around 185K
	- runs excellent
	- not a GL5, manual windows/sunroof
	- 4 new shocks, front control arm bushings
	- new timing, alt, ps belt, plug wires, alternator, tires
	- little rust on corners of front doors
	- needs rear muffler (rest of exhaust system is under 2 years old,
purchased from 1-800-VW-PARTS)

	I am leaving at 3pm today, and will not check my email until Monday.
I will be at the parents house on Saturday early-mid afternoon in
Westminster, MA if interested in looking at either car. Call this number as
I will not check email after 3pm today until Monday, 617-763-2771. Or email
me and I will respond on Monday morning.


	Keith Bedard
	Westminster (& Medford), MA 
	- 87 5ktq, pearl white, white Fuchs, 172K