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Re: Bye-bye PRNDL?

shaun d mullen wrote:
> Today's NYTimes says BMW, with the support of the American Automobile
> Manufacturers Assn and Assn of Import Automobile Manufacturers, has
> petitioned the NHTSA to change Vehicle Standard 102, which stipulates that
> center console or  steering column mounted automatic shifters must have the
> PRNDL (Park/Reverse/Neutral/Drive/Low) pattern.  BMW wants to free up the
> center console for other bells and whistles like cell fones and navigation
> system, and says in its petition that the electronic technology exists to
> use smaller, lighter push buttons, key pads or rotary displays.

gee, back to the early sixties... I always loved those push button
autos, thought the lever was to emulate having a real shifter...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250