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Re: 200 QT 20v

In message <2b33b61c.250152a6@aol.com> PlyBoyDoct@aol.com writes:

> The 200 20v was only made in 1991.  It is the spin off car for the new S4
> which had the same engine.  If I remember correctly there was only 1200+(-)(I
> might be wrong on this one) 200 20v available in the US.  You probably would
> find the S4 easier.  There is also a car made in the US called the S6 which
> is the last of the S cars in the US, as of now.  This was made in 95 and part
> of 96.  But soon there will be the New S4.

They were also available in limited (!) numbers in the UK, but in LHD
form only.

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