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RE: Do jammers work?

> > Yes, jammers ARE legal.
> >
> ah HA!  But there is always a catch!
> It is LEGAL to own, but it is HIGHLY illegal to use.  Same as radar
> detectors.  You can't use it, but you can own it.  I have a Bel 850sti.
> Works great, tho I don't speed as much as I use to.  The radar
> detector to me
> is for those police officers that peg me for doing 70 on a empty
> highway.

Actually, according to the FCC, radar detectors are both legal to own AND
use.  The basic FCC rule is that you can receive any signal but can only
transmit with a liscense unless under a certain power and within a certain
band.  This has changed somewhat recently with cell phones but still applies
to other signals.  Therefore, according to the FCC, it is actually illegal
to outlaw radar detectors.  This is ironic since radar detectors are illegal
in the land of the FCC, Washington DC and Virginia.

Canada has it's own rules on this until their currency drops low enough that
the US can buy the country.

Paul Wilson