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RE: What Gas to use?

... you didn't state what model and year car you are putting the gas in!
Most of the newer cars have knock detectors, so unless you put in the
cheapest crap around you'd not likely hear the engine knocking.  On the flip
side though, most of those same engines try to push the timing to provide
the highest amount of power for the gas you're using ... so you might
actually notice a degradation in acceleration and such from using cheap gas.

I actually do put the regular grade (87 octane) gas in my '85 4kSQ, and it
seems to work just fine.  For the V8, QTC and 5kCSQ (the k1 too for that
matter) I always get the highest octane available (91-92) ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> What is your opinion on the octane rating to use for US Audi's?  My
> manual sez min 91 RON, but I have also heard that this isn't true.  Is
> the Audi manual using the same rating method as US gas companies?
> I have heard that as long as you aren't getting any knocking, 
> the lower
> octanes are fine and there won't be any damage to the engine 
> and you can
> save some money.