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Re: What Gas to use?

On Sat, 04 Sep 1999 07:46:29 GMT, you wrote:

>Just an appropriate moment for me to chip in with the comment (for
>European listers) that US and European 'octane' ratings are different.
>Europe uses RON (Research Octane Number) and the US uses the arithmetic
>mean of RON and the Motor Octane Number.  The latter is always lower
>for any given fuel - sometimes very much lower.  So US octane numbers
>can't easily be compared with European ones - Ti's '87' is probably
>close to a European '92'.
>At present, most places in Europe have 98 RON and 95 RON unleaded and
>some have 97 RON leaded.

And, at least in Norway and Sweden, 92/93 RON are something it's
impossible to get. (but most people don't miss it either :-)) All cars
drive in 95/98 unleaded, and here in Norway, leaded gasoline is not
sold anymore, the lead is out, and some new addition, which supposedly
do not harm the environment, is added instead.