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RE: MH99 Concours

I've been watching this thread and trying not to comment ... but I guess I
just can't ... :-)

I'm sorry that you all were so disappointed by the concours ... it was just
intended to be a fun event that could take place in the corral.  During the
planning it wasn't clear that all cars in the corral were going to be in the
parade lap, so the concourse provided a way that people could be sure to be
able to drive their cars around the track, and there were some little
plaques handed out with them.  

Remember that most of the judges were not going to be Auto Union
aficionados, just the folks walking through the corral ... they'd probably
have to ask what an ur-q was ... :)  There were categories that were not
even represented (Wanderer and Horch for instance) ... and the TT wasn't
even on Audis product line when the list was created.  I'm sure that we
could have had a committee set up to carefully think through the categories
and do a better job ... but we had plenty of other things to do as well ...

If you wanted to participate in a really official concourse you could have
gone to the Concourse Italiano or Pebble Beach ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> Bottom line is the categories were not well thought out.
> Best 2-door?
> Let's see that would include the TT, ur-q, Coupe GT, Coupe Quattro.  
> Hardly a fair comparison with such diverse cars.
> Other categories were equally ill-conceived.
> Just my 2 cents worth.
> >
> >A few of the die-hards were more than a bit frustrated with 
> some of the
> >voting.  Some blamed in on _outsiders_.  I'll briefly 
> suggest that the
> >largest _ahem_ contingent of cars, may have been responsible 
> for simply
> >voting for the _newest_ looking cars.  Whatever the 
> reasoning is...I'd
> >like to see some q-list (20v, syncro) opinions. 
> >
> >Best Race:
> >Probably stick with Rui's, but actually the Nogaro AS4 was actually
> >pretty nice as well.
> >
> >Best Coupe:
> >Green Sport was the exotic winner.
> >But my money is on the Titian Red urq w/ 45k miles OR Kar's Mars Red 
> >urq with similar odo.  Both were near new.
> >
> >Best Mod:
> >Ingenuity definitely goes to Bob's _Heartbeat of ?_ V8 Conversion.
> >Finish goes to the Sewickley 20v urq conversion.  A beaut.
> >Of course I enjoyed Tomas' sport / urq, but I have to throw 
> my vote to
> >the mechanical mods.
> >
> >Best Convertible:
> >Still the cut-off Fox by far.  Major style points.
> >
> >Best Wagon:
> >Don't know the owner, but there was a nice silver 200tqw.  
> Didn't spend
> >enough time looking at these... need other opinions.  Of 
> course, all the
> >S6's were nice but the BEAR FAMS blue was worth the $$$.
> >
> >Best Sedan:
> >???Steve B's V8? Ti's 4k? the Green 90LS?  
> >
> >I've forgotten the other categories (DKW, Horch)
> >
> >Help me out...
> >
> >Derek Daily
> >one of many nice CQs
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