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battery troubles

Here's possibly an easy test for y'all:

I started up the car ('88 90q) this morning, no
problem. Got 0.2 miles to the gas station, and when I
tried to start it there I got nothing. Nada. The
battery's kaput. It didn't even come close to turning
over when we tried to jump it. I'm getting a little
power - enough to run the clock and the interior
lights. Now, before I run out and buy a new battery I
want to make sure that's what I need. As far as I can
tell, this battery is at least 2 years old, so it may
be that time again. Did it store enough residual power
overnight to start it up once, but not twice in such a
short period of time? Or do I have a bad alternator or
some other fun thing like that? And if it is a battery
that I need, am I pretty free to choose whatever
battery the local Pep Boys has in stock?

Thanks in advance,
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