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Re: Temp indicator light

Looks like you and I have the same problem here.  No
light on the outside Temp Display.

I brought my car in to the dealer for its 75K service
and technician noticed the Temp Display light was out.
 Said it cost $12bucks for the part but 1.5hrs labor
to pull the instrument panel out, I said may be next

Well, here's some info that may be prove handy to you.
I have a part number #893919O4OE0 called the Temp
Display Bulb.  If you decide to change it, pls let me
know how tough was it and if it works after that.

94' 100S V6

--- Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net> wrote:
> Hi Y'all,
> The light (on my '95 S6) for the outside temperature
> indicator (immediately
> below the speedo and the idiot lights at the very
> bottom edge of the
> cluster) went out a few days ago.  I tore into it
> this morning expecting to
> replace a standard display light bulb.  To my
> surprise I found that it is a
> LED readout not a LCD.  I suppose I should have
> suspected LEDs but...
> Well...  Anyway...
> Any suggestions on how to get it lighted again or do
> I just bite the bullet
> and give Linda a call?
> ___
>    Bob
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