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Re: Road & Track on the new S4

Yes, but I think the car they tested might have been a Euro-spec S4.  The
interior pictures are clearly from a Euro-spec S4...ecru leather seats and
door panel inserts, carbon fiber trim.  The US-spec S4 only comes with
aluminum or birdseye maple trim, and the seats only come in black or sliver
leather OR black leather with silver or blue alcantara.

I would bet the car R&T tested was the same car that was shown at the NY
auto show (same color, euro-spec, and the R&T article states they test drove
the car in NY).

I still want one, though!

Bob W.
'99 A4 1.8Tqms, APR 1 bar, Brullen

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Subject: Road & Track on the new S4

>The October issue of Road & Track has a review/test of the 2000 S4
>and it's all good.  They got 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds and the 1/4 mile
>14.1 secs @ 98.5mph.  Impressive.
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