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RE: WTB '84 4kq...

Judging from the responses I've received today, you'd think I was looking for 
the Holy Grail or the Arc of the Covent ... however, these cars ARE out there 
and in many cases owned by non-enthusiasts.  I recently missed one sold by a 
retired couple in Sun City, AZ that had only 58k on it and was in perfect 
cosmetic and mechanical condition.  They got $3,400 for it and I eventually 
talked the new owner into to selling it to me for $4,000 but his wife 
totalled it -- actually, she had it totalled for her by a Ford pickup -- 
before we could finalize the deal.  (Interestingly, they got the insurance 
company to pay them a total of $5,500 by signing a medical waiver ... a 
$2,100 profit in less than a month.  Not too bad, eh?)

The reason I want one in mint-condition and low-mileage is because Paula is 
reluctant to buy another used Audi, fearful that I'll turn it into another 
project and tear it apart.  She would also prefer a newer car but has agreed 
to a 4kq -- btw, we both prefer the styling of the '84 versus the '85 through 
'87 cars -- provided I can find a "creampuff."  Neither of us has any 
interest in an 80 or 90 -- too bland for our tastes -- and the only other car 
I'd consider is an Avant quattro but the good ones are too expensive for our 

Needless to say, any leads will be appreciated since I figure I've got 
perhaps another 60 days at the outside until she gives up and asks me to buy 
her a late-model Honda Acorn or Toyota Cram-me...