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MH99 Concours...apology

After re-reading my earlier post I can see why Steve (and others) took
offense to my remarks...  I really intended more of a tongue in cheek
prod towards the _less than classic yet_ owners.  Mission failed.

I think one thing that may be absent to this point is the lack of
appreciation for the work that volunteers such as Steve did in front of
and behind the scenes to ensure the BEST time I've ever had at any car
related event.  So many of us wore smiles the entire weekend, that it
would be a shame for comments such as mine to lesson the all around
positive feeling left by MH99.

Everywhere you turned you met another person that either helped you
directly or indirectly within the past four years (IME) online and off.  
So, to Steve and the rest of the v's, my apologies for the negative
vibes from my post.  I really should've just posted my personal pleasure
in seeing some of these beautiful examples, rather than negating the
choices that were made during the corral concours.

And FWIW, I'm planning to become a _less than classic_ driver fairly
soon...so take your jabs now, for tomorrow (well...soon enough) I'll be
a newbie...

Sorry and mostly, thanks Steve!

Derek Daily
90 Lago CQ (classic?)
86 VW qsw (pfftt)
00 S4 (we'll see)

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> I've been watching this thread and trying not to comment ... but I guess I
> just can't ... :-)
> I'm sorry that you all were so disappointed by the concours ... it was just
> intended to be a fun event that could take place in the corral.