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Dark ATF, I'm scared, 089 Trany

    I pulled the dipstick on the tranny today to check fluid level and the
fluid seems darker than before.  This worries me since it could be those
pesky transmission seals starting to die.  I cross checked the fluid color
with my sister's ATF on her dipstick, her ATF was much clearer.  My fluid
color was yellowish with a tinge of brown.  My sister's was clear with a
light tinge of brown.
    I assume this is bad, or could be if not taken care of soon.  I need a
trany pan gasket soon since it is leaking slowly.  Transmission behavoir is
on the fringe of perfect, takes a second to engage into reverse, kickdown
sometimes is a little late, and other than that operation is fine.  I was
warned about the fluid going dark, all signs point to mixing of diff. fluid
and ATF which = disaster!
    A note, engine was warm but off when I checked fluid color, assuming
that makes no difference on color of ATF.


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