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Fuel Mixture Settings change, Techron?

    I checked the current through the DPR tonight and noticed that the
reading is very different from about a week ago.  I disconnected the OXS and
checked current, a week ago - 2.2mA, tonight- 0.8mA.  When OXS connected
range is 3.5-6.0mA, seems fine to me, but why a big change from 2.2mA to
0.8mA?  I am on my second bottle of Techron before upcoming oil change,
could Techron cause this change?
    It states in one of my many tech manuals that current should be 0-5mA
fluctuating with OXS connected, with OXS disconnected current should read
around 2mA.  This was the case a week ago, an older engine behaving
perfectly at new engine standards.  Now after second bottle of Techron
things go awry.  3.5mA-6.0mA fluctuation, but 0.8mA w/o OXS connected?
Trying to figure what this may mean, anyone?
    I lead such a stimulating life as to ponder DPR current deviation on the
Saturday night of the last three day weekend of this summer, damn I need to
get out of this town!

Thanks again,

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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