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Re: 200 QT 20v

>Welcome Mike!
>The 200 20v was only made in 1991.  It is the spin off car for the new S4
>which had the same engine.  If I remember correctly there was only 1200+(-)(I
>might be wrong on this one) 200 20v available in the US.  You probably would
>find the S4 easier.  There is also a car made in the US called the S6 which
>is the last of the S cars in the US, as of now.  This was made in 95 and part
>of 96.  But soon there will be the New S4.
>Jason C
>89 200t10v
>Redmond WA

Jason's response is a bit off the mark, IMO. Essentially no '91 200q20V
cars (with engine code "3B") were ever "made in '91". The 200q 20V model
was actually made starting in March1989 ( for '90 model year) and stopped
on or about 11/90. However the _only_ 200q20V cars exported to the United
States were from the '91 model-year (1990 production).

I don't know exactly what Jason meant to imply by "it was the spin off car
for the new S4 which had the same engine." In the '92 model year (for the
USA), the S4 became the successor to the '91 200q 20V. It had a new
chassis, suspension, tranny, ignition system and a modified engine
(designated AAN rather than 3B).

The '95 S6 (what? "made in the US"?--what could you have been thinking,
Jason?) is essentially identical to the previous S4 models, but the
late-'95 versions of S6 did have some significant quattro-differential

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY