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Re: 1.8 A4 engine

Well, since everyone else is giving their 2 cents I might as well anyway. 
Although I'm sure Dan's mechanic is true to his work I doubt his reasoning. 
For starters just because an engine has a chain driven oil pump doesn't mean 
it's better. It's just one more item to wear and go bad. And as to the 1.8T 
being too much like a VW engine. HAAA. The VW water cooled four cylinder is 
probably has the longest production time of any four cylinder engine Next to 
the beetle engine which is a VW as well (It started in the early 70's and is 
still being used today). The VW four cylinder can be found in doing all sorts 
of tasks in very different pieces of machinery.
Like generators, agricultural pumps cement mixers, garden tractors and even 
dodge omelets. Who's to say the V6 is an Audi engine last I looked the V6 was 
being put into passats and next to every Audi logo is a VW emblem as well. 
And what's even more absurd is Dan's mechanic comparing a chain driven oil 
pump (like American cars) being more reliable. As I recall the Fiero was 
American Built. I suspect the guy is judging the bushel of apples by one bad 
one. Plus why would he complain? The more A4 engines that blow up the more 
money he can make by replacing them.