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RE: Do jammers work? NO Audi content

> The technique that I've heard is used to jam the receiver is to send a
> constantly changing signal which is stronger than the returned signal from
> your car.  If you vary the signal so fast that it is not likely to narurally
> occur from a moving body then the radar gun cannot give a speed reading.  I
> have heard that some of the newer guns to detect such occurrences and signal
> a jamming attempt.  Here in California they did pass a law making it illegal
> to jam radar signals.  I'm not sure, but I think that they are supposed to
> be able to impound the jamming equipment and there's a fairly heavy fine.
> That sort of law got passed because they argued that someone who had such a
> device was intending to speed ...

So instead of jamming of "constant, varying" signal, why not jam with a
signal that would make the radar gun thinks you're going 20mph (or of your
liking) below your actual speed? The jammer would be wired to the
speedometer or something. The primary jamming should be strong, with a
weaker random signal to mask the original radar wave from the radar gun?
Would that trigger the jammer detection?

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