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Re: Subject: Re: Audi / Frankfurt Autoshow website

> > Audi has the slowest-loading sites that I'm aware of anywhere on the net.
> > ...
> >The loading speed isn't all that bad but the overall design, 
> >specially the navigation is as bad as they come. Luckily Audi's 
> >website designer didn't get involved in Audi cars yet.
> I must be doing something wrong : )
> I went to www.audi-iaa.de and all I got was a page in German with the Audi 
> logo and links to Flash 3, Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0. There was 
> nothing else to click on! So I can't comment on their web design, as much as 
> I'd like to.

You have to turn on the stinking Java capability on (er, if your browser
got it). Definitely a sign of bad web site design to use Java to load the
web page. These people must not heard of HTML...

Java makes everything slow, buggy, crash-prone, and
patience-challenging... I haven't seen a site which use Java properly.

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