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weird noise

i've been sort of wary about taking my quat on the open road after i put 
the new suspension on her - i wanted to make sure that everything was 
well-connected before moving 1.5 tons of steel down the road at 80mph.  
toady, however, i decided that it would be allright to stretch her new 
legs.  sunroof open, windows down, everything just like i remembered it 
from the last time i went high-speed cruising, except one thing:  my 
passenger-side side view mirror now catches the air in such a manner that 
it whistles.  i even pulled over and let my friend drive so that i could 
get a closer listen.  the whistling is definately coming from the bottom 
of the mirror.
now, i remember reading about the new bmw 3 series' sport package which 
includes bumps on the top of the mirrors to reduce wind noise and 
thinking, "why are the mirrors on the sport package going to be louder?  
and what good are those bumps going to do anyway?"  putting 2 and 2 
together, am i right to assume that this mirror noise is standard after 
lowering some cars?  has anybody else had this experience?  should i go 
out, get some epoxy and put bumps on my mirrors?


-joe brown
1990 80q 138k - humming a happy tune as she speeds down the road.