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RE: 200q supporting with floor jacks

How about if you formed a fixture that matches the car jack nylon piece
that fits into the jacking point and used that on top of the jackstand,
Peter?   I can jack my type 44 car at the car jack fixture with a
protective cushion of wood on top of the lifting tray of my trolley-style
floor jack and insert jackstands under the rubber pads at both ends, but
the floor jack is too big to get under the jacking points of my 4K cars and
leave room for getting jack stands under the "frame" points the factory
recommends for hoist pad placement.

At 08:56 AM 9/5/99 -0400, Peter Berrevoets wrote:
>Kind of hate to differ with you on this one, but using the jacking points on
>the sills for long term elevated support is risking damage (crush) to the
>sills (or rocker panel).  The rubber pads are (IMHO) more suitable for any
>extended lifting, as in jack stands, keeping in mind that the factory
>designed those lift point for servicing and repairing the vehicle at
>garages.  Most garages (and dealerships) will not use jack stands for
>repairs. They do not tend to keep cars in the garage unless they are being
>worked on by a mechanic at a workstation that, if lifting is required,
>includes a hoist for long duration elevation of the vehicle.
>ETKA describes part number 443 804 584 A as a "Bracket for elevating
>I personally would still use the jacking point (or suitable suspension
>mounting point) for the lifting and the rubber pads for any extended work.
>They also have the benefit of compressing to take any unevenness in the
>driveway or garage floor effectively out and make for a "rock steady"
>working platform.
>Peter Berrevoets
>1990 200TQ
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>    As per the Bentley, the rubber pads are the jacking points for floor
>jacks and hydraulic lift arms. I use a piece of 2x4 in the cup of my floor
>jack to make sure the edges of the lift cup don't contact the body when the
>rubber pad compresses.
>    I usually put the jack stands under the lift points for the OEM jack on
>the body sills, but have also used suitable suspension mounting points upon
>Fred Munro
>'91 200q  281k km
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>> the rubber pads are for the jack stands, use the lifting points on the
>> sills for the jack itself or if using a hydraulic jack, consider using
>> outboard portions of the sub frames for lifting.
>> Peter Berrevoets
>> 1990 200TQ
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>> Subject: 200q supporting with floor jacks
>> where is best place to support stands on a
>> 200q.  will be lifting with floor jack
>> and can see rubber pads on underside
>> of car for using jack.  not sure where to
>> place support stands.
>> apprec. any help.
>> don
>> ps raising car to change parking brake
>>      cables.