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Re: 4000 on TV pulling a landing gear down!

>>> up landing gear on the small plane.  The landing gear locks properly and
>>> plane lands, Audi survives without being crushed.  Wicked stunt, usual
>>> see Audis on TV doing that sort of thing.
>>That was an Audi Turbo 5000 probably an 82 or 83 model

And it was a stupid stunt. Some idiot pilot risks at least three lives to
save a $500 insurance premium for repairs from a gear-up landing.

I hope the FAA fried him for that.

Greg Amy. Been There, Didn't Do That Stupid Pilot Trick.

P.S. The *RIGHT* way to do it is just like the professional pilot did two
weeks ago at Las Vegas. The gear on his 5 million-dollar jet didn't want to
go down, he uses his superior pilot skills to lay it down on the belly as
nice as possible, all on TV. No injuries from the half-dozen or so on board,
tons of accolades from the aviation industry.