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Re: oil in water and hoses bursting...HELP!

mamn97@dial.pipex.com wrote:
> I've just flushed the cooling system again and refilled only to find
> more mayo forming in the water and the seal on the reservoir cap
> now broken (high pressure?) Have been told by a guy at halfords
> (crap car place in U.K.) that it won't be the head gasket because
> there is no water in the oil and no white smoke is seen from the
> exhaust.  (I can't do a pressure test as havnt the equipmnt)
> Have thought...... could oil getting into the water be caused by a
> blockage in the cooling system??........ my brother says not but i'm
> not so sure...... when the T shaped pipe burst (40 ukp!) I found a
> piece of grey plastic which looked like it was off a join which had
> broken off somewhere in the system. I only found half of the thing
> so am guessing there is another half somewhere??? could this be
> the case?  Have taken all teh hoses off once to have a look but
> can't find anything - am thiinking though that it may be somewhere
> in the block?? Am also wondering where the plastic has come from
> and if it is important???
> I am sure there is some reason behind 3 of the hoses busting and
> maybe even the fact that the bloke I bought it off had to replace the
> oil cooler and radiator.
> Rob Shiers
> (getting increasingly frustrated!!:( )
> jetta 16v
> 80 sport

I'll take a stab, Rob

Is your oil pressure regulator sticking-making unusually high pressures
for oil hoses and other barriers? Just ask yourself where water and oil
meet. On my '84 5ks, the auto trans is cooled by a water cooler at the
tranny. Do you have an oil cooler in the radiator? Get out a diagram of
the cooling system and oiling system if you have to.

Good luck, God speed