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Manual Trany Swap Help

    I have gotten some very sweet prices on most of the big components
needed for a manual trany swap on my 80 4 cylinder.  Now it's time to think
about cost effectiveness since the parts car had 102K on the odometer, who
knows what kind of trany work has been done if any.  I wonder about the hard
parts of the trany, gears and such.  I know little about what to check for
on a manual trany.
    I visited a nice site about a 5k auto to manual swap, also sifted
through the family album for hours to check for the magic Automatic in the
right hand column.  I noticed few mentions of automatic specific parts
except for a flywheel carrier plate which I can remove, catalytic converter,
downpipe(although the P/N is the same for both), axles, master cylinder, and
then I would need to add a couple of bits as well.  There is some electrical
stuffs that needs attention as well, A/C bits too.  Will be checking Bentley
tonight and tomorrow.  This could be the rebirth of an Audi 80!  Any help or
wise words from those who have BTDT would be greatly appreciated.  I will
call German Transaxle on Tuesday as well, they should know what's up.


    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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