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Re: ignition parts needed for 87 5ks

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From: kenneth a. hale <kenhale@fulton-net.com>

>Anybody out there have a good used coil and coil driver assembly for a 1987
>5000s non turbo? I also need the ignition control module that is mounted in
>the drivers door footwell. Let me know what you have and the price. I am
>located near Toledo,Ohio. My ignition cuts out intermittently and I don;t
>know why. Guess I will just have to start replacing parts untill I find the
>culprit. Any way to test the ignition module? Thanks for your help. Kenny

Let me know what you find out, if anything. Audrey started the same nonsense
again today. I put some Stab-22 on the ignition module connector after she
did...it was the only connection that didn't get it on her previous uprising
of this affliction. Well, that and the ECU.

Is the ECU the box sorta next to the CC programmer?

Steve Bigelow
Ottawa ON
1984 5000s "Audrey"