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Re: Manual Trany Swap Help

[ swap to manual tranny ]

In case it isn't obvious, you need to get a tranny for the 4-cylinder
engine, namely the type 013.  The 5-cylinder trans won't fit your 80.
There are a variety of gear ratios available, denoted by transmission
code letters.  Your Audi dealer can provide you with a listing of what
codes are used on what years, etc.  The family album can also help,
but it wll likely contain non-US models that we can't get here.

You can use a 5-speed 013 transmission from any Audi 4000 4-cylinder,
80 4-cyliner or VW Fox.  The US Audi units have 4.11 final drive ratio
while the VW Fox has 3.89.  I recommend buying a quality rebuilt unit to
ensure quality while keeping the cost in check.  I suggest the codes
2P or 2N.  2P is used on 85-87 4000s and are close-ratio, while 2N is
used on the 84 4000 and is medium-ratio.  The earlier 2M is a wide-ratio
unit that gives great gas mileage but can't accelerate in top gear.
I am not sure what code is the 88 80 manual but it has similar ratios
to the 2P.

The close-ratio boxes are good for acceleration but may get a little
tiring with the high revs on the highway.  I use the 2N code on my
4000 and am happy with it.


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