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4ktq wiring notes

Hi all,

Spent the day today going over the left side wiring harness and cutting
and labeling wires that I needed to splice in elsewhere or just plain
didn't need with Huw Powell.  Seems like each time he comes over it costs
me a new part off my parts car ;-).  His expertise is well worth the cost
though.  Here are the notes that I wrote done during the process
verbose... might be a tad confusing... I even have trouble remembering
what I meant on a coupla things but hey that's ok ;-)
Anyway, enjoy the brief reading:

things to cut and notes:

Fuel economy sender (3 wires side of fuel distributor)  Hook up later to
4k trip computer

Pin 13 Kostal connector T14 B cut white/Red wire

Pin 7 "" Green yellow wire to AC on signal

Pin 3 Yellow/black Unused

Pin 5  To board computer.  White  

Black/Blue wire on 4 pin connector  Ignition on signal to unused unit

Black/Blue wires (3) on istrumental panel stuff.  

Green/Brown wire from fuse box to washer system stuff
Blue/Yellow  to multifunction sensor to ac control head

Blue/White  to nowhere?? from multifunction sensor.

Violet/Black wire from instument cluster.  is tack driver.  Connects to
Red/BlacK/Yellow wire currently on 4k coil

Yellow/Blue wire from T14B to onboard computer. 

Blue/Yellow and White/Gray wires from T14C go to oil pressure senders.
use existing 4k wires for oil pressure senders.

White/Blue wires to multifunction temperature switch (Bentley lists as
White/Black) come from the coolant low level switch and  go to the

former coolant sensor wires from 4k hook up as follows to MC multifunction
switch/sensor:  Blue/Brown coolant guage wire is fed from the Brown/Black
sender wire.  The Blue/white overtemp wire is fed by the White/Blue sender
wire.  The other White/Blue sender wire goes to the low coolant level

The Red/White wire that goes from the after run radiator relay to T14 D
(Kostal  connecter 7) gets cut.  Went to ac control head unit.

The Red/Yellow wire from the after run relay goes to pin 85 of the
radiator cooling fan relay which is a Red/Green wire coming from pin D85L.

Rewire radiator fan relay so it gets power from the battery and not from
X-relay (load reduction relay).

That's all for now.  Tune in next week for more fun ;-)


87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   donor