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Re: 4kq fender removal

> Herr Bentley isn't clear here :>... but on my 87 4kcsq, how do I (if I
> can) get the front fenders off?  I need to inspect front clip damage on
> the driver's side.  Hood and bumper look easy enough...

bumper - remove and disconnect the signals. remove the reflectors.  undo
two horrible socket cap bolts (replace with s/s hex heads) OR undo the
three bolts holding the "shocks" to the frame.  Pull forward to remove. 

hood - it is simple.  four nuts and the washer hose.  two people useful
to save your back.

fenders - remove the row of (7?) hex head screws along the top edge. 
Fight with the wheel well liners until they are out - they are held in
by 3 or 4 phillips head screws and a plastic nut or two, and don't come
out of the well easily.  There are three more hex head screws going
backwards in the rear edge of the fender.  There are three more holding
the fender to the center support.  The older ones also have a screw in
the plenum around where the hood hinges are.  Now just slowly pull the
fender off, carefully if it is reusable because the black goo sealant
will make you bend the metal if you're not careful.

Installation is the reverse of removal...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250