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My Audi 100CS quattro saved my and three other peoples life...

Hello All,

	I was driving back to a friends house to take my friend, his sister, and
another friend of mine home from college for the weekend...  as we were
driving down a road where deer are especially known for being out, i happen
to catch a glimpse of two running across the road...  First of all to let
you all know the conditions, i was doing like 85-90 mph and as i was going
that fast i saw them not even 300 feet in front of me...  i hit the brakes
hard...  that kinda worked it slowed me down to about 50 mph...  but then i
noticed that the deer wasn't moving so at 50 mph i yanked the wheel real
hard to the left and swerved into the other oncoming traffics lane(no one
was on the road)... and slowly came to a halt back into my lane...  HOLY
SH*T  that was a close call, if i had ever seen one...  and as my friends
and i were talking about it, we realized that if i didn't know how to drive
that we'd have hit em...  because my freinds sister told me that all she
would have done is try to hit the brakes and if that didn't work she'd have
hit them... and since i've played with the limits of my car i know what it
can and can't do.  and its a good thing we didn't take any of their cars...
 the both own Fiero GT's an 86 and an 87.  and his sister had a 87
prelude...  we'd have been dead or close to it, if it weren't for
all-wheel-drive to keep us planted on the road as we swerved real hard and
real fast...  All i have to say is THANK YOU to the Audi Gods, i LOVE
ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE, w/my 5spd 100CSQ...

Levent Cur
http://www.qtm.net/~lcur -=-  Audi Webpage
1993 Audi 100CS Quattro w/5spd 98,400 miles "4 RINGS"
1987 Audi 5000CS Turbo w/204,000 miles and 1.3 bar