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Re: 200q parking brake help

Hi Don;

    I couldn't get at that nut either, and the nut and thread were so rusted
that I doubt if it would move at all. When I installed the new cables, they
were (fortunately) perfectly adjusted, so I didn't have to resolve the
adjustment issue.
    I got enough slack in the frozen cables to remove them by removing the
cable from the caliper and pulling up on the handbrake lever. This pulled
the stuck cable through the housing and generated enough slack that I could
slip the cable end out of the adjustment yoke (after destroying the cable
housing securing clips, which were firmly rusted in place.)
    I figured I'd have to replace the short cable to the handbrake lever if
I needed to adjust the cables. You are right - it's a real PITA to work in
there. You may have to drop the exhaust and driveshaft to get access. If
your adjustment is way off, I'd look at replacing the short main cable to
see if that can be done with the driveshaft in place (disconnect it at the
handbrake and pull it into the tunnel ?). I think if the adjuster nut turns
freely, you could do the adjustment, but I assume yours is as rusted as
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hopefully another lister will have an
answer for you.
    It's great to have a working parking brake, though!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km

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Subject: 200q parking brake help

> ok doing the fred munroe parking brake repair
> have the parking brake arms on the calipers working
> again and now pulling out the passenger side cable.
> it is rusted big time at every joint.
> it appears the drivers side cable is working fine.
> now how do you adjust the cables.  trying to find
> some way of getting at t adjusting nut.  it is a
> job just getting my hand up under the exhaust
> pipe and the drive shaft.  any BTDTs.
> don