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Ur-q front head restraint removal

Patient:  '83 Ur-q w/ leather interior
Symptom:  Head restraint cannot be removed from front seats
Exam notes:  Restraints can be raise a couple of "notches" on the
support posts, but stop fast.  Two screws at the bottom of the trim that
surrounds the restraint ; purpose unknown.  Seats have sheepskin covers
on them now, so it is apparent that previous surgery _did_ remove
subject restraints.  Support post penetrate holes in the sheepskin; they
do not just slip underneath the restraints.
Please help me to remove the head restraints so that I may proceed with
treatment (Lexol) of the patient.


 - Doug, Non-A.D. (Audi Doctor)

P.S. - Does the rear seatback remove easily?