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Re: Type 44 AC query

The problem seems to be either low charge or the restrictor/orifice tube. I
was misreading the segments in the diagnostics last night. The low pressure
cutout is cycling the compressor - about every 20 seconds. The heater core is
bypassed at this time (due to catastrofic failure) and I verified operation
of the programmer flaps.
I agree the 15-20 low side is too low.

"Graydon D. Stuckey" wrote:

>         My experience is only with GM R134a systems, but the 15 - 20 psi
> on the low side seems kinda low.  I see 30 - 50 depending on outside
> conditions.  You might check your orifice tube i suppose.  Also, make
> sure the temperature flap is closing all the way.   Then check to make
> sure that the engine coolant valve is closing.  Then, if it is still too
> hot, clamp off the coolant hoses so you _know_ that you are not getting
> any hot water in the heater core.
>         Let me know what you find.  HTH
> Later,
> Graydon D. Stuckey
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