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Re: Type 44 AC query

On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, David Head wrote:

> The problem seems to be either low charge or the restrictor/orifice tube. I
> was misreading the segments in the diagnostics last night. The low pressure
> cutout is cycling the compressor - about every 20 seconds. The heater core is

OK, that makes sense.  To check this without evacuating the system, you 
can place thermocouples on the refrigerant pipes going into and out of 
the evaporator.  The outlet temperature should be around 30 - 40 degrees, 
and the inlet temp should be a couple degrees higher.  If I remember 
correctly, the type 44 has a thermal expansion valve (TXV) so the inlet 
an doutlet will be veyr close in temperature, but still, the outlet 
should be slightly colder.  If it is warmer, then you need more freon.  
As you add freon, there will be a point where the outlet temp will be 
colder thna the inlet.  This is the "critical charge."  Typically, we add 
an extra 1/2 pound above that.

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