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Re: Ur-q front head restraint removal

In message <c10ca7cd.25051b81@aol.com> JordanVw@aol.com writes:

> << Symptom:  Head restraint cannot be removed from front seats
>  Exam notes:  Restraints can be raise a couple of "notches" on the
>  support posts, but stop fast.  Two screws at the bottom of the trim that >>

> at the black sockets where the headreast goes into the seatback, there are
> these slots. in the slots is a U shaped spring circlip.  get a screwdriver,
> and push it out. watch out, they can go flyin'.

Flying?  The almost go into friggin' ORBIT.

The headrest supports lock the plastic sockets in place - once the
headrest has been removed from the seat, the sockets can be eased out
_reasonably_ easily.

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