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Re: Do jammers work?

I have a jammer for sale. $70.00 Cannot tell it from new. I'll pay shipping.
Purchased from Rocky Mountain something. It is the Spirit model. Also have a
Uniden Bear Tracker model BCT2. Will sell for $80.00 It warns if there is a
peace officer within 2-3 miles range. Also scans their radio as well as DOT,
weather. You input state your in, it does the rest. Kinda neat the way it
works. I had both in my previous car hardwired, and did not put them in my
new car and they've been on the shelf since. Just had the thought to sell
when I saw this thread.
Best Regards,
Tim Leonard
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Date: Sunday, September 05, 1999 2:32 PM
Subject: RE: Do jammers work?

>This site sells the jammer I use (Phazer), plus info on jammers themselves.
>Chris Kagan