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Re: My Audi 100CS quattro saved my and three other peoples life...

> A real problem is that when hit they  can get under you car and end up 
rolling it, or causing the vehicle to loose  
> control. They do however make good Barbecue...

I'm sure many people reading this are laughing but it's true ... they're 
compact enough that they often go underneath a car instead of bouncing off it 
and they're dense enough that running over one isn't a smooth ride.  That 
said, most cars that hit one usually lose control as a result of their 
efforts to *avoid* hitting one ... in most cases, you don't get to drive away 
after hitting one, either from the impact with the javelina itself or 
whatever it is that you hit while trying to avoid it.

Never had one for barbeque but I know pork tastes mighty fine so it doesn't 
surprise me ... btw, people hunt these with  bow & arrow successfully but 
also carry handguns for self-defense in case they don't.