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Re: 1988 5ks treasure chest!

I'm not recharging bombs, Marty.  Perhaps you read my name in a posting
where I told someone else who it was that was offering some time back to
recharge bombs.  That one was:

At 10:34 PM 9/4/99 -0400, The Murphy-Fahlgren Family wrote:
>Kneale Brownson wrote:
>> It was Russ Southerlin  (  russell.s.southerlin@imco.com  ),  Eric.  His
>> posting announcing the service is in the 1999 archives for 3/8.

You want to read the 3/8/99 archive and then possibly contact Russell

The full-size spare was supplied in the Type 44's (big car had the room, I
guess), as opposed to the mini provided in the 4k's.  I don't know whether
the full-size was included in the 100-200/S4-S6 and V8 versions.


At 08:34 PM 9/6/99 -0400, iviarty@juno.com wrote:
>	Started dismantling the new (to me) '88 5ks (busted tranny)
>yesterday.  Instantly, I replaced the power antenna, A/C programmer box,
>and front side marker light on my '87.  A/C is now ice cold!  And just in
>time, too.  the past two days here in Melbourne, FL, its been 101 and 98
>as i got in my car.  As I continue further into this car, I have some
>more questions about the Type 44...
>	Can Kneale send me the procedure for getting a recharged bomb
>from him?
>	What is the box near the CC and radio labeled
>	part number 443 919 465 E?
>	What do I need to do to get the fuel pump out of the tank?
>	Also, it seems this car has a full-sized spare, brand new
>Michelin Energy tire and 	original Audi wheel that's identical to
>both of my 5000's.  Was this standard 	when the car was new?  My
>'87 had the little donut for a spare. 
>any help is appreciated,
>1987 5000S - 191.7k mi, and ice cold! 
>1988 5000S - 3500rpm in L1 at 5mph!
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