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Re: 10V engine probs

Earlier, JAYTRES@aol.com wrote:
>     Just replaced my valve cover gasket and was wondering why the washers 
> built into the gasket are smaller than the studs?  Is this right?

    Don't know, but probably not.

>     Next problem is that when i was putting back together the injectors and 
> the id tags from each fuel line got splattered with gas and the id as to 
> which cylinder it went to got erased. So know i'm not Exactly sure which one 
> goew to which cylinder. I can see that some are really bend in the direction 
> of the cylinder but some are kinda iffy.  

    As long as they fit, it doesn't matter, since fuel flows all the time
    to all of the injectors.  The fuel distributor just controls how much
    is flowing.

>     Anybody know which lines come off the air filter housing to the cylinders?


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