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Re: 10V probs, revised +1

Earlier, JAYTRES@aol.com wrote:
> << Anybody know which lines come off the air filter housing to the cylinders? 
> >>
> Huh!!
>     What i thought was that each fuel line/injector coming off the air filter 
> housing,  had its own cylinder.  And that you couldn't change them around.  
> (like spark wires)
I'd bet what you are calling the air filter housing - is really the fuel
distributor.  It'll have the braided fuel lines (5) plus 2 (?) more 
fastened on the top with banjo bolts.

This car's FI is constant flow, fuel flows through all the injectors
all the time.  This means it doesn't make any difference which injector
is in which cylinder ... but I'll bet there are length differences 
that will let you figure which one was in which cylinder.

    - Charlie