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Re: Solution: '83 CGT brake failure

In message <37D4C1F2.FC4450F6@cisco.com> Scott Fisher writes:

> In addition to the obvious leaks, there was a good dose of air in the
> left front line -- it foamed on the way out of the car.  We bled the old
> fashioned way: my wife pressed the pedal, I opened the bleeder, then
> closed it when the flow stopped and told her to lift on the pedal.  I've
> used gadgets, I've used tricks, I've used a variety of different
> techniques and this is the one I rely on when I absolutely positively
> want a solid pedal.  Which is to say, any time I work on brakes.  I
> recommend it highly -- it's solved problems on a friend's track car
> recently too, which had a few bubbles in the rear circuits after he'd
> used a Mity-Vac obviously without success.  If the pedal is still spongy
> after bleeding it this way, there's a problem somewhere else.

IME the Mity-Vac just doesn't work, period.  It sucks air in at the
base of the bleed nipple.

Found a rear caliper on a 1984 ur-quattro yesterday with no bolts
holding it in place.  Owner had complained of a 'clunk' - one of the
specialists had suggested subframe bushes without even looking.

 Phil Payne
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