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Re: sold, thanks, money to Dan, TDI?

> Dan- Be expecting a check for list support from me in the near future.
> I've got money now (funny how that happens w/o the Audi!), and will make
> my contribution, long overdue.

Thanks, appreciate it.
> TDI... Anyone have experience out there with this engine? I'm looking into
> a Golf TDI as a replacement machine, but am curious about: 1) Getting good
> maintenance work done, even at the VW dealer; 2) Availabilty of good
> quality diesel, and 3) Winter starting. Thoughts? (Yes, I know this is the
> Audi list, and yes, there is a VW diesel list... old habit, I guess!)

Yes.  I have a 99 Jetta TDI.  To answer your questions:

- good maintenance at a dealer is an oxymoron, but some are less incompetent
  than others.  There are even a couple of "Decent" ones out there

- good fuel is readily available

- winter starting is no problem.  The new cars have wonderful tricks engineered
  in to address every concern.

- the diesel list lives at www.vwfans.com and is run by yours
  truly :) 

| Dan |
Dan Simoes