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Re: Do jammers work?

At 12:20 99-09-03 -0400, Gordon Bird wrote:

>I recall reading a 'road warrior' article in Road and Track many years ago
>that said if you can slow down by X ft per second (the exact number escapes
>me) that even an instant on radar cannot get a reading.  I proved it once in
>a mini van, cruising with radar detector at @ 25mph over he xpressway limit
>when I crested a hill and my radar detector lit up like a Xmas tree.  I
>*immediately* applied maximum braking and lo and behold the officer behind
>the radar unit didn't even give me a glance.  

Police radar has to be quite accurate so it's reading can be used as a
proof in court. Therefore, it doesn't measure your speed once, it takes a
series of measurements and all of them must return the same result (within
a predetermined accuracy) before the radar gun displays speed. So yes, if
you decelerate fast enough, the radar gun will never lock at your car.
Then, again, the cop can probably cite you for "emergency braking without
reason" or something like that.

>Course I had to peel my wife off of the dashboard, but I didn't get a ticket!


Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT