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15" BBS wheels for sale

Hey Q-list.  I've got some BBS wheels for sale.  They're from a 200.  15",
5x112 bolt pattern, 45mm offset.  Fits 5000 turbos and 200s and other 5
lug Audis. they are
mounted with 4 Dunlop D60s.  205/60 HR 15.  Not a ton of tread left, but
should be good for a while.  Definately not bald.   Wheels are in good
shape. Not new shape, but
good.  I think one of them has a little gash on the outer rim, but let me
check that.  I am asking $400 or best offer (plus shipping) for the wheels
with tires.  C'mon, make me an offer!  Thanks.

James Fawcett
86 5kTQ