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Re: Bad weekend for me

In a message dated 09/07/1999 12:13:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
alexaudi@kki.net.pl writes:

> Subj:  Bad weekend for me
>  Date:    09/07/1999 12:13:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>  From:    alexaudi@kki.net.pl (Aleksander Mierzwa)
>  Sender:  owner-quattro@audifans.com
>  To:  quattro@audifans.com
>  Hello list,
>  Sunday was not a good day for me and my 5KT. An elderly woman decided to
>  cross the street at red without even looking. Powerful G60 calipers stopped
>  the 5KT in time, unfortunately, the speeding guy in a small, sh*tty Citroen
>  rearranged my trunk. The bumper cover is scratched but in one piece, bumper
>  is cracked, sheetmetal is bent so the trunk lid doesn't close and the
>  exhaust is bent, so the car is barely driveable (loud). No one was injured,
>  though, and I guess it's most important. Fortunately the police found the
>  guy guilty of causing a collision, so I can finance the repairs from his
>  insurance. I called the local VW-Audi-Porsche dealer (hey, when it's not me
>  who pays the bills, why not use the best service facility out there :-) )
>  and they agreed to take care of my Audi as soon as the insurance company
>  gives me the estimate (which they are supposed to do at Thursday).
>  --
>  Aleksander Mierzwa
>  Warsaw, Poland
>  87 5KT

I don't know how the insurance works over there, but when I was rear-ended in 
NY, the insurace company only paid half of what the estimates were... Their 
justification was that because the car was so old (10+ years) they didn't 
need to put new parts on it... they have a whole database of junkyards with 
used parts that they will refurbish for your car...

Good Luck,