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Re: A tale & Some Trouble

It's really refreshing to hear a story about an officer of the law that 
actually is reasonable and intelligent.  These individuals are out there, 
but I never seem to run into them, figuratively speaking.

On the topic of intelligence, this is the kind of SUV piloting seen all the 
time around here (PacNW).  I'd like to see a nationwide initiative to link 
available HP and vehicle size to IQ.  So stupid you're dangerous?  Here's 
your Hyundai!

>From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook@traverse.com>
>To: quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: A tale & Some Trouble
>Date: Sat, 04 Sep 1999 20:36:26 -0400
>Apropos of recent threads on radar/laser avoidance, I heard a story today I
>just have to pass on.  A buddy was motorcycling on what he called The
>Massachusetts Turnpike, travelling at the 75 mph pace he prefers as the
>most efficient in terms of travel time and mileage (higher speeds increase
>gas consumption significantly, while slower ones don't have the opposite
>effect).  On a long flat stretch he was being overtaken by a behemoth SUV
>which hadn't quite reached him when they started a long upgrade.  About
>half way up, he pulled out to pass a car going about 70, and as they
>crested the hill, he was just pulling back in line when he spotted a cop.
>He looked at his speedo and was doing about 73.  He looked up into his
>mirrors and saw the SUV was inches from his rear fender, so he hit the
>throttle.  He saw the cop starting back into traffic, so he slowed back
>down with a bit of space between himself and the SUV, which also had
>slowed.  In a moment, the cop is signalling him to pull over, and he's also
>pulling over the SUV.  He's figuring, "sure, get me for 10 over, give me a
>break!!!"  when this trooper, who looks like Shaquille O'Neal in uniform,
>asks for his license and then says he bets my buddy wonders why he's being
>stopped.  Before my friend can respond, the cop says, "I pulled you over
>for being followed too close."  Then he explains that he understood why the
>cyclist was accelerating when already going "a bit over the limit" because
>just a week earlier, a rider had been killed in the same spot under similar
>circumstances.  What the trooper wanted was my friend's cooperation in
>charging the SUV driver with dangerous driving or some such for trying to
>squeeze in to avoid a speeding ticket.  My buddy can't get over the cop's
>saying he was stopped for being followed too closely.
>Anyway, on to my problem:  My "spare" '864kcsq (doesn't everyone with an
>Audi have a spare?) has had a wheel bearing rumble for 2-3Kmiles, and
>today, while rotating wheels, I noted that the right front can be wiggled
>in and out a total distance of about 2 mm at the tire circumference.  Am I
>getting to the "dangerous" stage?
>Thanks, Kneale Brownson  2 '86 4kcsq's (the wife's and the spare) and the
>5kcstq driver.

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